Environment, Health & Safety Stewardship

Our philosophy at Range is straightforward: to be good stewards for our shareholders, while doing the same thing for the environment and the communities where we live and work. Our culture of good stewardship also ensures that we meet or exceed both expectations and regulatory guidelines and seek improvement to guidelines when we feel the standards are not high enough. 

“Range Resources is a natural gas company that is not only talking the talk, but they are walking the walk.”
                         - Rick Price, Executive Director of Pittsburgh Region Clean Cities

As natural gas is increasingly used to generate electricity, heat our homes and power our transportation, air quality has improved dramatically. In fact, U.S. CO2 emissions are at a 20-year low thanks to expanded use of natural gas. Additionally, as shale gas production continues to grow, energy-related CO2 emissions have also decreased to a 10-year low. More importantly, improved air quality has a direct correlation to enhanced overall public health.

We recognize the need to continue leveraging new, innovative practices to further raise the bar for our company and for the industry. Outlined in this section are several ongoing efforts focused primarily on Range's shale operations, which take place in Pennsylvania. These efforts increase operational efficiencies and consequently shareholder value and environmental performance.


In 2015, Range was honored by the Oil & Gas awards with the Environmental Award for Excellence in Environmental Stewardship. The Oil & Gas award Judge's noted: 

"Range Resource always seems to be the leader in the Marcellus Play. They consistently set the standard for others to follow. Their water management plans are impressive. Their commitment to vapor recovery and reduction of GHG sets a high bar for others to follow."