CNG Fleet

A recent Progressive Policy Institute study, “Natural Gas Vehicles: Driving America to a More Prosperous, Secure, and Sustainable Future,” determined that the “economic, environmental, and energy security benefits (of compressed natural gas [CNG]) are enormous.” The majority of Range’s field vehicle fleet is now powered by CNG.

“Range Resource is a natural gas company that is not only talking the talk, but they are walking the walk,” said  Rick Price, Executive Director of Pittsburgh Region Clean Cities.


Through an announced partnership with Chrysler and GM, we now have 140 CNG vehicles in our corporate fleet. These orders made Range the largest 2012 CNG corporate fleet purchaser for both Chrysler and GM. See the video below for more information. 

Range's CNG Fleet vehicles help reduce emissions compared to traditional vehicles, as well as helps reduce operational costs. Range has even found CNG fueling opportunities outside of the Company's fleet. In Pennsylvania, Range has used a natural gas powered drilling rig when possible and has even used a natural gas powered pressure pumping fleet during hydraulic fracturing in the past.

Range Resources Fleet Vehicles



Range Resources Announces CNG Fleet 

For more information see the Company's CNG announcement here: Range Announces CNG Fleet Investment.