Water Protection

The protection of water sources is important to Range. Before shale drilling operations take place, we engage certified, independent third-party experts to collect and test private water supply samples around each proposed well site.

Pennsylvania, where the majority of Range’s shale development takes place, is one of only two states in the nation without private water well construction standards or regulations. Because of this, our third-party water tests often serve as an important public health function for neighboring residents who may be unaware of constituents in their wells before our operations begin. The tests set a baseline of naturally occurring gases and other constituents that may be present before drilling. The results are shared with the landowner. In other parts of the country, like Oklahoma, Range’s work typically takes place further away from population centers. Those states also have private drinking water well standards and regulations, which has resulted in less confusion about water quality with residents. 

Range engineers the casing and cement in its wells to meet or exceed the numerous regulations that protect groundwater. In addition to water testing and enhanced well designs, Range conducts ongoing monitoring, during and after drilling, to ensure the integrity of its producing wells.

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