Corporate Responsibility

Letter From Our CEO

Dear Range Community, Governmental Leaders, Partners, Employees and Shareholders:

A commitment to Corporate Responsibility is part of the culture at Range Resources. Our philosophy is straightforward: to be good stewards for our shareholders, while doing the same thing for the environment and the communities where we live and work. It’s that simple. This commitment starts with Range’s Board of Directors and extends to each of our employees. Range expects the commitment to be shared by the various service companies who do work for us as well.

We take great pride in sharing with you Range Resources’ commitment to corporate responsibility. Rather than an annual document, we provide regular updates on our website for those who share our interest in responsibly developing domestic oil and natural gas resources.

Range’s culture of Corporate Responsibility helps to ensure that we meet or exceed the public’s expectations, government regulatory requirements, and the standards that we set for ourselves. 

This includes working with industry partners and regulatory agencies to look back and learn from past challenges, looking ahead at emerging technologies and operational advancements, and continually deploying best management practices to better our performance in a manner that aligns with our core values of Performance, Integrity, Innovation and Transparency.

We believe in being an industry leader in innovation. In 2004, Range discovered the Marcellus Shale, which is now the largest producing natural gas field in the United States. In 2009, Range drilled the first horizontal wells in the Utica and Upper Devonian Shales in Pennsylvania. Throughout those early days and through today, Range has consistently worked with a variety of stakeholders along the way to ensure that our work is conducted in a responsible manner.

We believe that our approach has resulted in significant societal benefits from responsible development of clean-energy resources, while helping the company deliver shareholder value. Natural gas development does not have to be a choice between the environment and the bottom line. Rather, just the opposite. By working in a safe and efficient manner, in compliance with the regulations, and protecting the environment and the community, Range can deliver more long-term shareholder value, while protecting the environment and operating as a good steward in the communities where we live and work. This provides broad economic, community and environmental benefits through the expanded use and development of clean-burning natural gas.

Like all of the men and women who make up the Range team, I have a connection to the communities where we work and therefore, corporate responsibility is very important to me. I was born and raised in Pennsylvania – home to the lion’s share of Range’s activity and investment. Most of my family continues to live in the very region in which we operate. Like so many people who grew up in Pennsylvania, I enjoy its communities, the people and am keenly aware of the amazing accomplishments of the industries and institutions that forged the Commonwealth’s place in history. At the same time, I recognize some of the challenges from these past industries. Our pledge at Range is to work hard every day to enhance Pennsylvania’s communities and environment in a manner that produces broad-based benefits through responsible natural gas development.

I invite you to read more about Range’s corporate responsibility efforts. Please check back often for regular updates on our latest initiatives and achievements.



Jeff Ventura
Chief Executive Officer and President 
Range Resources Corporation