Range Featured in AOGR Cover Story

Apr 23, 2015

AOGR.SocialIn its April 2015 Cover Story on “Performance Drilling”, The American Oil & Gas Reporter features Range Resources; calling the company’s work a prime example of what the magazine later refers to as project economics.  

The article focuses on how leading operators improve efficiency and effectiveness of multi-well pad operations.

Ray Walker, Range Resources Executive Vice President - Chief Operating Officer discussed Range's operational efficiencies saying...

“Early on, we realized we had to do more with less, especially in terms of the surface pad,” Walker relates. “We realized economy of scale matters, and infrastructure matters, whether it is water, roads, pipelines or production facilities. It is helpful if you can amortize expenses over a larger number of wells, but you have to manage the overall economics. You have to balance the number of wells to keep whole project costs as low as possible...

We also have developed a very efficient process for completions,” Walker says, adding that has allowed Range to pump six-eight frac jobs in 24 hours, which is record time."

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