Range's Dennis Degner Named Energy Executive of the Year

May 22, 2015

“Opportunities for generations” is how Range Resources Vice President Operations - Southern Marcellus Shale Dennis Degner described the Marcellus Shale in a recent interview with the Pittsburgh Business Times.  

Dennis has been with Range since 2010 and was proud to represent the company as he accepted the Business Times Energy Executive of the Year award earlier this month.

And as far as how he sees his team at Range:

And in this excerpt from the Business Times feature article, Dennis expanded on those opportunities for growth.

“The scope and scale of it is phenomenal,” he said.

Actually, Degner said, the shale business is like nothing else in the history of the oil and gas industry.  Nowadays, it’s not unusual for a company to start out with little or no production and then quickly ramp up to producing more than 1 billion cubic feet per day. 

           “That was unheard of 10, 15 years ago,” he said.

And in southwestern Pennsylvania, the opportunities for growth abound, given that three gas-bearing shale layers – the Marcellus, Utica and Upper Devonian – are stacked on top of each other like a layer cake.  That gives producers the opportunity to target three different resources from a single location, making the gas more affordable to produce….

….“I have an 11 year old daughter.  I think there’s a career here in the oil and gas sector.  I think there’s going to be jobs for my daughter’s children as well,” he said. 

Not only with the region’s’ shale fields provide for growth and development, but independent from foreign energy sources as well, he added.

And As far as how he sees his team at Range:

Degner said if he’s learned anything about managing, it’s that [employees] want to be challenged.

Therefore, he said, his approach is to give clear direction.  Second, he said, he tries to provide support for workers to do their jobs, whether it is by making sure they have the resources they need or letting them know that management is “pulling on that rope” with them.

But at the end of the day, integrity is the glue that holds an operation together, from top to bottom, Degner said.

“The second that we start to sacrifice integrity is the second we start to erode the team and we start to erode results,” he said. “The more we can maintain integrity throughout the business, the more successful we’re going to be.”

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