AOGR: Operators Finding Record Wells and New Frontiers

Jul 23, 2015


The American Oil & Gas Reporter highlighted Range in their July issue article "Operators Finding Record Wells And New Frontiers In Marcellus/Utica"

The articles focus is on Range's Washington County Utica Shale well as well as the company's continued success in the Marcellus Shale in Pennsylvania. Excerpts from the article are below. 

"The first quarter announcement of Range Resources Corporation’s Claysville Sportsman’s Club Unit No.11H well was a newsmaker both for its initial production and for where it was drilled. Range Resources’ first Utica well in Washington County, Pa., tested at a 24-hour rate of 59 million cubic feet a day in late December, a number that was reported as the largest initial production rate of any shale play in the country.

Jeff Ventura, president and chief executive officer of Fort Worth-based Range Resources, notes that the Utica well is less than 14 miles from the company’s Renz No. 1, which was its Marcellus discovery well in 2004 in the same county. The Drake well, the nation’s first oil well, drilled in 1859 in Titusville, Pa., is about 110 miles from the Claysville Sportsman’s Club No. 11H.

“We are right back where the industry started,” Ventura marvels. “As they say, the best place to find oil and gas is beneath a historical oil and gas field. In fact, sitting next to that first Renz well is an old wellhead drilled in the 1890s and still producing some gas.

Range brought on line a Marcellus well in Washington County with a 24-hour production rate of 43.4 million cubic feet equivalent a day. That, too, was a record and the highest rate ever for a Marcellus well."

To read the article in its entirety click here.