The Benefits of Dual Fuel: Range Resources Partners with FTS International

Aug 06, 2015

FTSIIn an industry that prides itself on innovation and efficiency, it’s an effort that just makes sense: using clean-burning natural gas to power equipment that is used to produce – more natural gas. Toward that end, Range Resources recently partnered with FTS International – the largest private well completion company in North America, on a new initiative that sees the two companies using clean-burning natural gas from producing gas wells to power an entire pressure pumping fleet. 

The new fleet uses a technology called “dual fuel”. Essentially – engines are powered with a combination of natural gas and diesel.  It’s an economical solution as well as an environmental solution. Right now, diesel costs more than natural gas. Using dual fuel engines allows operators to displace up to 65% of diesel with natural gas, resulting in both a cost savings and a reduction in air emissions. And when field gas at or near the site is used; there is less of a need to transport diesel fuel to the site, meaning truck traffic is also reduced. Finally, for operators – there are increased efficiencies with no need to pause operations to refuel; and greater reliability, as dual fuel equipment operates with optimum hydraulic power.

So far – FTSI has completed 15 wells and a total of 365 stages for Range Resources using the dual fuel fleet. 

According to Range Resources Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Ray Walker, “In today’s environment, improving operational efficiencies is critical. This growing technology not only allows Range to improve our well economics but it allows for the use of a clean burning fuel. Advances like these are how we as an industry have been able to reduce emissions from natural gas production by 38% since 2005, according to the EPA.”

FTSI CEO Greg Lanham agrees that the outcome is positive, adding, “We are pleased to offer this technology in a dedicated fleet to Range Resources. This solution is not only environmentally conscious, but also helps us be more operationally efficient, delivering exceptional uptime and reliability during hydraulic fracturing operations. FTSI is privileged to work with market leaders like Range that are early adopters of this type of technology.”

For Range, identifying and implementing efficiencies across our operations is seen as a Corporate Responsibility. Innovation is a key component of our continued success.   And from interns to executives – each employee has an opportunity to uncover new ways of doing things, and to share ideas that may ultimately lead to cost savings and improvements on best practices that we strive to make even better.

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