Food Drive: 2000 Turkeys

Nov 12, 2015

TurkeysRange Hosts Food Collection This Month Along with a Special Event on Friday, November 20

Range has long supported the Greater Washington County Food Bank, and in particular the 2000 Turkeys campaign, which aims to put a turkey dinner on the table of the approximately 4,700 Washington County families being served each month by the Greater Washington County Food Bank.

Range has provided nearly $750,000 over the last six years, with about $500,000 directly from Range another $250,000 through fund raisers that we’ve held with vendors and business partners.

While times are challenging for the gas industry and there have been cut backs, supporting the community is not something we intend to reduce, in fact just the opposite. With limited resources, Range employees are seeking to find new and creative ways to support critical services in Washington and 2000 Turkeys is a cause near and dear to employees hearts. Through a matching funds pledge for 2000 Turkeys, additional dollars directly to the Food Bank, and food collection we hope to be responsible for $100,000 this year to benefit hunger-related causes this Thanksgiving and beyond. 

To cap off this effort Range employee volunteers will host collection points in downtown Washington, Pa. and a booth near the new Farmer’s Market, across from the Observer-Reporter, all day on Friday, November 20 to collect food and money to support 2000 Turkeys. Employees will also safely canvass roads and intersections during the morning, lunch and evening rush to collect additional funds.

Range will also be hosting a food collection starting this week through next week for  employees and service company partners at our office. After meeting with the Food Bank, employees learned that protein is the food in top demand, so that’s the focus for donations for the food drive. Also, Non-perishable food, cash and even credit cards are also accepted as part of this effort. 

Range's goal is to help be responsible for $100,000 in total resources for the Washington County Food Bank this year – through the 2000 Turkeys pledge, matching fundraising on November 20, the $30,000 we’ve already provided to the Food Bank, and non-perishable food collection cash equivalence. Everyone can get behind helping those less fortunate during the holidays, especially Thanksgiving.

Food Drive and Fund Raiser
Friday November 20
7:30 AM - 5:30 PM
Main Street Pavilion 
Downtown Washington, PA
(Across from the Observer-Reporter)