A Driller's Apology – an open letter

Apr 21, 2016

A recent news story and opinion piece raise important concerns related to natural gas development. Any concerns that a stakeholder has on responsible gas development demand our attention, our time, and our commitment to address those concerns. As a newspaper editorial remarked, a Range employee offered a “quip” at a recent meeting – as the person who made the remarks let me apologize as my attempt to interject dry sarcasm was clearly a mistake.

As someone who has dedicated my professional life to environmental law and regulation in Pennsylvania, including having had the honor of serving as Chief Counsel to Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, I and my colleagues at Range Resources are keenly aware that site location – or where we drill for gas wells – is an important issue. Topography, geology, setback and zoning regulations, where we have leases, and individual lease terms all affects where we site our facilities. As I made clear in response to a follow up question about my remarks within those factors we always work hard to create the biggest buffer between our operations and all residents.  Beyond that, we aim to work closely with communities to keep them informed and to mitigate inconveniences and alleviate concerns through in-person engagement; through local township processes; and through public outreach, including engagement through Community Advisory Panels in our core operating area. Range also participates with various NGOs, our peers, and universities on working groups that specifically and critically examine drilling location siting. Above all else, we realize that there is always room for improvement.

It is unfortunate that my poor choice of words could call into question the unwavering commitment we have at Range in working with residents regardless of their economic means. Because we strongly agree with the editorial’s position that we must “ensure — and demonstrate to the public — that fundamental decency and fairness guide our operations.” 

I hope that the way I attempted to communicate what we do, does not occupy the attention of engaged stakeholders to the exclusion of the hard work that the hundreds of men and women at Range perform to be good citizens and neighbors each and every day. 


Terry R. Bossert
Range Resources
VP, Legislative and Regulatory Affairs