Barron “Pat” McCune, Jr, Community Bank

May 10, 2016

McCuneAs a young boy growing up in Washington County, Pat McCune says his father (the late Barron P. McCune, Sr., an esteemed local judge) taught him a lesson that would influence every aspect of his adult life. 

“He told us that we’d been very blessed, and we owe it to the country and to our local community to give back in return. ‘To whom much has been given, much is expected.’”

It was a lesson that would be repeated often to Pat and his brothers. “Every time someone would gripe about the government or paying taxes – he would remind them how fortunate we’ve all been,” says Pat. And it was a lesson the younger McCunes took to heart.

Today, Pat is the President and CEO of Community Bank. Home is and always has been Washington County, save for a brief stint practicing law in Colorado in the early 1980’s. He and his wife Ann returned to southwestern Pennsylvania in 1987 when Ann matched to her dermatology residency program at Pitt. 

“I came back, and I was a lawyer who didn’t have a law practice,” says Pat. “So I had to get out and get to know people as an adult, and the best way to do that is through community service – volunteering for non-profits, getting involved, and taking a leadership role.” 

In 2015, Pat was honored with the World Class CEO Award by the Southpointe CEO Association. At the ceremony, Pat’s brother, Jim McCune, remembered how people responded when Pat returned to Washington County. “Pat quickly became a guy people went to for anything.  Pat is so much like our father. Pat is my best friend, my personal adviser. When something comes up, I ask myself, ‘What would Pat do in this situation?’”

Over the years, Pat’s work with local non-profits has included leadership roles with Washington Hospital; the American Heart Association’s Washington Heart Ball; United Way of Washington County; the Meadowcroft Museum of Rural History; and the Historical Society of Western Pennsylvania. He has been on the Board of the Washington County Community Foundation since 2010. Pat’s civic leadership also includes a past Chairmanship of the Washington County Chamber of Commerce; former Director and Chair of the Southpointe CEO Association; and former Director of the Pennsylvania Association of Community Bankers.

For Pat, any opportunity to draw attention to southwestern Pennsylvania is meaningful.   It is an area he loves, and a place his father loved too. 

“Southwestern Pennsylvania has a very rich heritage, and it is a very blessed area of the earth.  My dad would frequently rattle off – we have limestone soil, it will grow anything; we have hardwood forests; we have abundant fresh water and rivers; the land is well-drained; we have coal; we have gas. It truly is an area that welcomes human endeavor.”

Some of the work Pat is most proud of is centered on what has come to be known as one of the area’s most abundant resources: the natural gas of the Marcellus and Utica shales.    

“I watched what happened to our area after the collapse of the steel industry.  When I came back in 1987, it was important to me to do what I could to help it come back.  I was always looking for ways to help spur economic development.  I wanted my sons and other people’s kids to be able to stay here. So when the Marcellus first came on my radar, I was very interested.” 

That interest would lead to the formation of Washington County Energy Partners, an organization Pat has co-chaired since 2010, and his chairmanship of the Tri-County Oil and Gas Expo – a coalition effort that began as an industry trade show, but is now more of an educational and outreach initiative.

PatMcCuneRange Resources Director of Corporate Communications and Public Affairs Matt Pitzarella remembers watching Pat in action. “Pat’s an inspiration in the business community and in my opinion is the ultimate example of a good neighbor. His civic involvement touches virtually all aspects of the county. I grew up here and for as long as I can remember; Community Bank was involved in the community. And from day one Pat McCune was engaged in the development of the Marcellus Shale. He’s definitely a banker, but he’s a cowboy too, so when all of this first started, he rolled up his sleeves and just really got people to the table. Landowners, small businesses and nonprofits have all benefitted immensely because of Pat’s involvement. He’s humble, he’s inspiring, a great family man, and he loves this region.”

Today, Pat’s work continues, both with Community Bank – and in the community he loves. 

“Washington County has done well, and it will continue to do well. It’s a much different story than what I encountered when I graduated from high school and even from when I returned in 1987. I can’t take any credit for it, but it’s certainly gratifying to see the area flourish and to recognize that people here have a new spirit and pride.  I live in the country, I have a farm, and I have Marcellus, I have pipelines – I’m living it. And it’s really cool to see how it’s changed lives – people with new fence lines, a new truck, building a new garage. For a long time, people couldn’t afford that upkeep.  Now, they can.   It’s gratifying to see people doing better – to see the area growing – and to hear people talking about wanting to live in southwestern Pennsylvania.” 

Range Resources is proud to recognize our Good Neighbor, President and CEO of Community Bank and civic leader, Pat McCune.  

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