Range Featured in AOGR Magazine

Aug 21, 2017

DrillingRange's Appalachian Basin activity, which is focused on the Marcellus Shale was recently featured in the American Oil & Gas Reporter Magazine

The story leads with a look back on the impressive production growth in Pennsylvania. This was kicked off by Range's discovery well, the Renz #1, which was drilled and completed over a dozen years ago. The feature states:

"Within the span of a dozen years from the 2004 drilling of the Marcellus discovery well in Washington County, Pa., oil and gas operators ramped up natural gas production in the Keystone State to 5.1 trillion cubic feet. That record-high annual production total in 2016 represented a 65-fold increase over 2009, when Pennsylvania’s Marcellus output was 78.4 billion cubic feet, and placed it behind only Texas as the largest gas-producing state in the union.

Range's Appalachia Division Vice President Dennis Degner was interviewed and said:

“I think the continual process to make longer laterals successful and repeatable for the strongest returns will be the strategy for the next couple years,” he predicts.

Range drilled three laterals in excess of 15,000 feet in the first five months of 2017, according to Degner, including the longest Marcellus lateral drilled to date. That well was in Washington County, Pa.

“Those three wells started producing in June,” he states, “so it is a little early, but we are encouraged by the results.”

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