For the second year in a row, a group of Range employees spent the day working together to plant trees at a community park. For the event’s coordinators, Hannah McAvoy and Nate Smiell, who both work in Range’s Environmental Compliance group, this tree planting was more than just another volunteer day. It was something they had been thoughtfully planning since July in hopes of making a lasting impact on the Independence Township Community Park.

“We started the initial planning process months beforehand.” said Smiell. “It was almost a no-brainer since Range has leases with several landowners who run tree farms,” said Smiell.

The day resulted in the planting and securing of 16 trees of different varieties including two Sycamores, two Autumn Blaze Maples, two Crimson King Maples, two Flowering Cherries, three Canada Red Cherries and five Sunset Maples.  Each variety had a specific purpose in the park, with some examples being the large Sycamores intended to help stabilize the canoe launch area, or the Flowering Cherries which help absorb excess water in low-lying areas.

“This year’s event has definitely improved from last year, since we were able to organize it in a better way,” said McAvoy. “We didn’t know what to expect the first year, but this time the help from vendors, and the use of their auger was a huge help.”

Range holds other conservation events like stream clean-ups, but over time the streams and waterways eventually become littered with trash again. The tree planting event is different because it provides a permanent improvement to the environment. The plan to is to hold the event in different parks and townships each year.

“It’s awesome to provide a tangible improvement to these municipal parks who may not have the extra funds for such projects. We are able to enhance a park where kids are playing soccer or climbing the jungle gym.” said Smiell.

Volunteers began arriving at Independence Township Community Park around 8 a.m. and got to work right away. Volunteers actually dug the first few holes by hand that morning before the heavy equipment was deployed. 

“I am certain this is one of the most impactful community investments we stay involved with here at Range,” said Ian Haley, a Range volunteer who has been involved over the past two years. “The annual tree planting emphasizes our passion for the environment and has a lasting effect in the communities where we operate.”

The annual tree planting will continue to be a part of Range’s commitment to conservation in our operating area for many years to come. 

To learn more about Range’s sustainability commitment, check out our Corporate Sustainability Report.