A little over nine years ago it started with an idea, a simple “hey, why don’t we…?” From there, the Range Resources Charity Golf Outing has grown into one of southwestern Pennsylvania’s premiere fundraising events. But more important than the outing itself are the dollars the event has raised and continues to raise for the United Way of Washington County.

Over the last few years the Range Resources Golf Outing proceeds have topped the half million dollar mark. Coupled with a robust corporate campaign and donations from employees, along with incredible generosity from service company partners, Range Resources once again received the United Way’s Chairman’s Award in 2017 for the top campaign in Washington County.  

Range Resources has been a recipient of the Chairman’s Award, a recognition of the top five most successful campaigns in Washington County, every year since 2009. Since 2007, Range has raised over $1 million for community programs and services through United Way campaigns.

United Way of Washington County President Barb Murphy remembers her first meeting with Range Resources back in 2007.  At the time, like many others, Barb had never heard of the Marcellus Shale.  But for the United Way and so many other local nonprofits, that rock formation would play a key role in energizing non-profits and providing funds to organizations that are committed to improving communities and changing lives for the better in Washington County.  

“Since their arrival in Washington County, Range Resources has consistently been among the top corporate philanthropic leaders in our community,” says Barb. “Their United Way Campaign has held the top spot for the past two years, thanks to the generous support of Range employees and the company. Their community involvement goes beyond financial support. Their philanthropic interests include promoting the arts, support for basic needs, youth sports, local agriculture, regional history, safety and the environment.”

For several years now, Range Resources employees have also volunteered to serve on United Way Community Impact panels where, along with representatives from several other Washington County businesses and organizations, decisions are made about where United Way dollars can be most helpful. Range’s Claudia Kiray is a regular participant.  

“I was asked by United Way to participate on a panel after we had run a very successful campaign so that I could see for myself and let other contributors know how much good their donations did,” says Claudia. “As a panel member, I was part of a team that met with organizations that had requested funding to renew their grant applications and to see if there was a need for their service and how well they met that need. I was surprised by the number of people in Washington County that needed help, but I was also impressed by the people that I met that were so passionate about the services they were providing. There are so many who give so much of their time to make a difference in this community, often with little to no compensation.”

Domestic Violence Services of Southwestern PA (DVSSP) and the Greater Washington County Food Bank are two key recipients of Range Resources’ United Way donations.  Leaders of both organizations see the impact those funds have made.

“Range Resources is a force of growth in our community, and their support of DVSSP demonstrates their commitment to the entire community, which directly impacts those for whom the center exists,” says Michelle Robinson-Ritter, Executive Director of DVSSP.  “Our relationship matters.”

Connie Burd has been with the Food Bank since 2014. “When I started, we were in a bad spot financially, not sure if we could even make payroll – it was very dire.  And I’m not just saying this – but Range Resources made a donation at that time that literally saved us.  It helped put us on solid financial footing, and by the grace of God, and some great staff members and volunteers, we’ve been able to turn things around.”  

“Being a good neighbor is the backbone of our culture,” says Range’s Laural Ziemba. “The United Way has provided a rewarding partnership for us to help positively impact so many lives in the region, and I think that’s something everyone can support.”

Range Resources will hold their next golf outing in August 2017, with proceeds once again slated to go to the United Way of Washington County. Over the last five years, the company has donated approximately $10 million to nonprofit and other community programs.