A recent story brought to light an important topic to Range on how we select drilling locations.

To be clear, as one employee underscored at a public forum and as Range has stated on many occasions in the past, we appreciate that site location is an important issue for our neighbors and the communities where we work. Depending on the situation, factors like topography, geology, setback regulations, where we have leases signed, and individual lease terms limit our options for where we construct locations, but within those factors we always select sites that are the most ideal for the property owner and residents to the best of our ability.

There are situations where despite our best efforts some residents may still have concerns about our operations or where our locations are constructed within established regulatory guidelines. It’s our desire to work closely with these households to keep them informed and to mitigate as many inconveniences or concerns as possible until our work is completed, in a transparent and accommodating manner. For more information please visit the Corporate Responsibility section of Range’s website.