Protecting the environment has always been a foundational value in our operations. We are committed to operating with transparency, in accordance with or beyond applicable federal, state, and local environmental laws and regulations.  The Range team proudly embraces a strong history and culture of environmental stewardship and natural resource conservation. With the support and approval of Senior Management and the Board of Directors, we strive to demonstrate continuous improvement and deploy industry-leading environmental standards.

While our environmental program incorporates the basic methodologies of a traditional environmental management system, we believe the most successful programs and strategies are fit-for-purpose with the overall objectives and strategy of the Company. Our environmental values and initiatives are integrated into our planning efforts along with our daily operational decisions.  Examples of this can be seen in the selection of our well sites, minimization of land disturbance, implementation of lower emissions equipment, and investment in an energy-efficient vehicle fleet.  It is our goal to continue to look for ways to expand on these initiatives, particularly as new technologies emerge that align with our environmental and operational goals.

We proudly collaborate with organizations that share in our environmental stewardship values and commitment to action, and similarly, we seek partnership alignment with service providers and contractors who also share in those same values. As a member of several industry and trade organizations, Range understands the benefits of transparency that comes in the form of data sharing, dialogue, and collaboration which has led to continuous learning and advancement of environmental protection best management practices not just by Range but by many of our peers.

Environmental Management System

At Range, we have assembled a team of dedicated and diverse environmental professionals specializing in distinct disciplines such as air, waste, and surface activities that comprise our Environmental Compliance Department. This department reports up to the Board through the General Counsel and is tasked with the implementation of our environmental management system, providing guidance and training to the operational groups, inspecting regulated activities, establishing corrective actions when necessary, and ensuring overall compliance with environmental rules, regulations, and policies. This department is also responsible for coordinating the development of written compliance procedures that complement the management system, as well as the monitoring, tracking, and reporting of environmental performance to all levels of the company, including self-reporting where our actions fall short of our expectations.

We know the success of our environmental program depends on much more than the commitment of a single department. That is why we place a high level of importance on the integration of environmental values and commitments into every aspect of our business – an approach that is embraced by all employees across the company. Our strategy incorporates thoughtful, sustainable, proactive procedures that are developed by employees across departments and advanced through frequent training, easy access to materials, and a strong and supportive field presence, all while utilizing available technologies to form a highly effective and efficient system powered by our most important asset – our people. Our environmental management system process follows the model of the Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle, with all steps being consistent, interrelated, and connected.

Environmental Stewardship Objectives

Range is committed to leading the industry in environmental stewardship, which includes emissions reductions, water management, and waste minimization, with the supporting results and track record to demonstrate this. Through the efforts of our teams, we continue to raise the bar and remain focused on:

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