Every year Range Resources dedicates an entire week to reinforce their commitment to safety by halting field work in order to conduct multiple safety focused events. When it comes to safety, our goal is simple: zero safety incidents.

“The four days of activities are a clear demonstration of Range Resources’ commitment to the ongoing implementation of Our Safety Policy,” said Don Rankin, Vice President of Safety.  “The team planned and delivered presentations that clearly showed how we work together to diligently manage risks and prevent incidents every day.”

Safety Week 2019, held from June 24th to 27th was the most successful to date, bringing together more than 650 Range employees, contractors, township officials, and area first responders. The purpose is to educate and inform on our emergency preparedness efforts and demonstrate our commitment to ensuring the safety and well-being of employees, contractors and the community.

“Shutting down active operations and shutting-in flowing wells to educate and refocus our workforce is the most powerful statement Range can make to show our dedication to safety,” said Andrew Mihalcin, safety supervisor for Range’s Pennsylvania operations.

On Monday, June 24th, a group of office employees and community members headed to multiple locations to learn about safety practices during different phases of operations. The well sites had interactive stations setup to explain the life cycle of a well site, casing design and production trees, gas monitoring and production facilities, and more. 

The following day’s activities were held at a Production site and water staging area. This event was the largest of the week, drawing in more than 600 attendees. Multiple Range departments, contractors, and area first responders worked together to create 13 stations focused on reviewing emergency response and potential operational risks.

Attendees were split into groups and were assigned one of three safety demonstration tracks. These included presentations on environmental awareness, incident command systems (ICS) basics, confined spaces, backing safety and various other important protocols. The grand finale and highlight of the day was a live demonstration of how wellhead cages are used to protect against an impact from above.

“It was great getting to see how everyone came together for a common goal. I feel safety week is something special and that it’s a great opportunity for people to see that safety is a big part of what we do,” said Lee Martin, a lead lease operator from Range’s Northern Louisiana division. 

The busy week closed with an award ceremony to recognize employees and dedicated contractors who have demonstrated commendable initiative and leadership in their work to improve and promote safety in the workplace.

Range’s annual Safety Week is an impactful way to communicate to our employees and contractors that working safely is a top priority for the company. Every aspect of our operational activity focuses on safety and risk management. We employ best practices for safety procedures to help maintain an efficient, secure work environment all year round.

To learn more about Range’s safe and responsible operations visit Range’s Safe & Responsible Operations section of the Corporate Sustainability Report