Company commits to more than $100,000 in community funding

Due to COVID-19 response, our front line community partners have been stretched thin and in need of resources because so many of our neighbors need help during this unheralded time. Today, we are hoping to help those that need it the most launching the Range Resources Community Stimulus Package, which includes our senior population as well as our youth.

This financial assistance program will provide more than $100,000 to non-profits across our footprint, including Louisiana, Pennsylvania and Texas. We are pulling funding ahead for our community partners and providing additional resources to address their immediate and critical needs.

On top of the stimulus package, Range has already donated protective health supplies to the Washington Health System and computers to Bentworth School District for students to be able to participate in remote learning.

This pandemic has made it clear how essential our non-profits are, but more importantly, how fortunate we are to have them within our communities.  We hope our commitment today can help provide better days in the future for our neighbors.

Range Resources Community Stimulus Package Details

  • Food insecurity/basic needs: $37,600
  • Healthcare: $22,500
  • Education support for children: $25,500
  • Employment resources: $7,500
  • Domestic Violence Services: $5,000
  • Support for seniors: $3,500
  • Humane animal treatment: $500

If you would like to get involved or know someone who may need an extra hand during this time please see the resource center below for more information. We hope everyone continues to be safe, and our team is looking forward to seeing all of you again once it is safe to do so.