Range has been operating in Pennsylvania for more than 25 years, and completed the first Marcellus Shale well in 2004. Although modern shale development is not new, it is always improving and evolving. The information below will hopefully provide some information on key topics related to our operations.

Community Impacts and Safety

Being a good neighbor is a critical aspect of our business. We understand the importance of transparency and accountability with everyone in the communities where we operate. We’ve been an industry leader in pioneering both operations and transparency. We’ve observed problems and found new solutions.

Traffic Coordination

Range works with local governments and safety officials to develop traffic coordination plans when possible. These plans look at site-specific conditions that help minimize traffic impacts during operations. Range coordinates with area schools to manage our operations with their school bus schedules and routes. Additionally, Range posts signage on local roadways to ensure employees and contractors follow the approved traffic routes and any other site-specific traffic conditions.

In our core operating area, Range also employs a host of traffic management personnel and practices. Including, but not limited to roving traffic monitors, restricted speed limits, and GPS technology to ensure the traffic coordination plan is followed. We make every attempt to minimize the temporary impacts by clearly communicating traffic plans and guidelines to all of our contractors for every location.

Light, Sound & Dust

Range recognizes that there may be some inconveniences associated with our work. We make every effort possible to best eliminate, mitigate and reduce these possible inconveniences by working with local communities, townships and residents.

Many local communities may place rules, regulations, or conditions on these aspects of our work as part of the permitting process. Range is committed to working with local units of government and the community to conduct our work in the most responsible and sensitive manner possible.

Depending on circumstances Range may utilize:

  • light shielding equipment to focus light on the location and not on surrounding areas
  • dust control for roads
  • sound engineering modeling and analysis prior to work

If you live near one of our well sites and have questions or concerns related to our operations, including traffic, noise or water quality please immediately reach out to your land agent or call the Response Center.

Landowner Relations

If you have questions about our operations or your lease, please contact us directly using the contact information below.

If you believe your water quality has been impacted by our operations, please reach out to the Response Center or your Range Land department contact as soon as possible.

Response Center
E: [email protected]
P: 724-754-5999

Owner Relations Team
E: Owner [email protected]
P: 844-594-6775

Research and Reports

For a thorough list of key studies and reports on natural gas development, including from state and federal agencies, please visit the Marcellus Shale Coalition’s Resource site.

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