The November 2016 Issue of Inside Washington County, a regional magazine partnership between the Washington County Chamber of Commerce and the Observer-Reporter, featured Dennis Degner, Range’s Southern Marcellus Shale Division Vice President.

Degner was highlighted within the issues Leading Change in Washington County article that took a look at new business leaders within the region. Degner describes living in Washington County as:

“Southwestern Pennsylvania is home for me and my family,” said Degner. “I grew up as a farm kid from Texas in a town of 300 people, much like many of the people in Washington County. It was the kind of community where you might dial a wrong number and end up talking to somebody you know for an hour. Parts of Washington County really remind me of home, so for me, this is a terrific place to live and raise a family.”

Read the full article here: Leading Change in Washington County: Dennis Degner