Range Resources Produces the Energy that Brings Warmth and Light

Thanks to affordable, reliable natural gas produced by operators like Range Resources, your family won’t have to worry about the heat kicking in or the lights turning on.

Responsible shale development in places like Washington County has made Pennsylvania the second largest natural gas producing state, with a quarter of our nation’s natural gas supply produced here.

That growth in natural gas production – and the infrastructure transporting energy to homes, schools and businesses – means savings for all Pennsylvania families.

Pennsylvanians have realized more than $30 billion in home energy savings over the past decade, according to the Consumer Energy Alliance. What’s more, 2017 household energy costs were the lowest in ten years thanks to the abundant natural gas we’re producing here.

As a leader in the Marcellus, Range Resources is proud to produce the energy that brings you and your family warmth and light, this year and every year.

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