Range Resources signed a contract with U.S. Well Services to provide electric hydraulic fracturing services for operations in the Appalachia Division. U.S. Well Services will use its next-generation Clean Fleet® technology, which runs on electric power generated by natural gas turbine generators on the wellsite. 

Read the full press release here: U.S. Well Services, Inc. and Range Resources Corporation Sign Electric Frac Contract

Range has a record of deploying innovative technologies and solutions across our operations,” said Jeff Ventura, Range Resources CEO & President. “U.S. Well Services’ state-of-the-art fleet will help support our peer-leading emission reductions goals, realize significant fuel savings and reduce associated sound levels, all while utilizing clean-burning natural gas to power our operations.”

The new Clean Fleet® technology operations are cleaner, quieter, safer, and more accommodating to neighboring communities. Clean Fleet® technology significantly reduces greenhouse gas emissions and dramatically decreases sound pollution, while also reducing fuel costs as much as 90%. These reductions are achieved by replacing all conventional diesel engines and diesel fuel with electric motors powered by natural gas generators.

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